Everything In-Between

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The Challenge

ODL boasts 75 years of experience in insulated glass and over 20 years perfecting blinds-between-glass for windows and doors. So, they aren’t a rookie in the market. However, their modern and unique glass solution, Blink blinds-between-glass, needed fresh eyes when it came to advertising. What are blinds-between-glass, who is Blink, and why are they the best in the biz? Miller Brooks set to work to shed new light on a veteran product.

The Answer

We decided to make audiences do a double take at the value of Blink. It was important to highlight the clean, sophisticated convenience and sleek aesthetic of blinds-between-glass. Blink makes it obvious that some things, like blinds, are just better on the inside. So, that was our approach. Why do blinds any other way? Our humor-meets-logic approach gained over 17 million impressions and snagged nearly 70K website visits over the 90-day campaign. Blink saw a 50% increase in leads and their vision for us has never been clearer: Keep it going!
Blink Blinds + Glass
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