Virtually Impossible

Virtual Experience, UX/UI Design, Video, Product Launch

The Challenge

When Beckman Coulter Life Sciences developed a revolutionary liquid handling solution in the early 2020s, they needed an adventurous agency to help them launch their product—Biomek NGeniuS. Limited human-interaction at the time of their product launch, demanded advertising as inventive as the science behind the latest liquid handler.

The Answer

We immersed ourselves in innovation and found a virtually inspired way to showcase the product. Miller Brooks partnered with a software developer to create an interactive lab experience that Beckman Coulter could feature online. From key-swipe entry into the lab, through preparation and handling processes, to the machine itself—viewers can explore each aspect of Biomek NGeniuS without ever masking up. New product. New normal. Classic innovation. View the full virtual experience.
Beckman Coulter
Virtual Experience, UX/UI Design, Video, Concepting, Branding, Strategy, Product Launch