Building A Harder-Working Brand

Branding, Packaging, Collateral, Environmental Branding

The Challenge

Browning Chapman is a group of specialty contractors that focuses on the structural maintenance of buildings—tackling everything from flooring removal to waterproofing (while emphasizing concrete restoration and maintenance). As a growing company, they wanted a brand that communicated a professional image and gave them a greater edge in gaining business nationwide from the likes of Aldi, Starbucks and Harley-Davidson, just to name a few.

The Answer

We created a bold, new identity that conveyed strength, solidity and authority. After fashioning a logo that gave equal weight to the initials of both partners, we fleshed the identity out with striking colors, sturdy typefaces and evocative photography. We then implemented Browning Chapman’s refreshed look on everything from business cards, letterhead and brand touchpoints, to apparel, vehicles and the company’s headquarters. Today, the impactful new identity clearly differentiates Browning Chapman from its competitors, while furthering their goal of becoming nationally-known in their field.
Browning Chapman
Branding, Packaging, Collateral, Environmental Branding, Photography