In An Instant

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The Challenge

Loctite is a veteran in the performance adhesive market. But they needed a campaign that reminded folks just why their products are tried-and-true. The science behind Loctite adhesives is solid. But showing proof with formulas and statistics is only half the battle. With a new product, LOCTITE 402—and a lineup of other exceptional performance adhesives—it was time for a campaign that would really stick.

The Answer

We used no-nonsense marketing to reintroduce Loctite as a superior adhesive solution, straight-up. Less production steps. Long-term adhesive bonds. Instant adhesion. LOCTITE 402, their latest product in a line of ultra-performance, instant adhesives is simply the best—in a single product. We polished the brand by reinforcing its long-standing reliability and proven instant bonding success.
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