March 7, 2024
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What is B2B in Digital Marketing?

B2B marketing + digital marketing is its own unique formula. The functions of digital marketing are utilized to uniquely work within B2B industries. B2B digital marketing agencies are excellent business partners for B2B companies, since B2B digital marketing professionals understand both the marketing side and the business side of that equation.

Not all marketers get B2B. And not all B2B experts understand the full scope of digital marketing. But when the two combine in a B2B digital marketing agency, a powerhouse of niche expertise is built.

Miller Brooks activates digital marketing tactics based on higher-funnel goals within the complex B2B buyer process, and targets multiple audiences through a variety of channels. Since B2C transactions target end consumers, their marketing tactics are geared toward conversions. But Miller Brooks help businesses whose marketing approach requires focus on decision-makers that help influence the end consumer, e.g., architects/specifiers, contractors, engineers, procurement teams, facility managers, etc.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

B2B digital marketers counsel leads through the B2B sales funnel, as mentioned. Digital campaigns, paid media, and search marketing are all tactics that help generate leads and nurture them toward becoming customers.

Miller Brooks understands the importance of building long-lasting relationships with customers to create brand loyalists who will support a business again and again. Miller Brooks’ account executives take care to learn the ins and outs of both your company and your industry, so that they can help you make decisions for your business that will strengthen the credibility of your company within your industry.

Even though B2B industries and businesses are, well, all business, people are at the heart of each company. Those people need to feel that their needs are fully seen and understood while they make large, important B2B purchases. Marketing with industry knowledge and expertise, as well as sincerity and relatability, is what sets businesses apart—even when it comes to logistical markets and digital tactics.

What is B2B digital marketing?

With people’s pains and habits in mind, the internet is the primary origin point for modern purchasing—and marketing. Starting with lead generation, B2B digital marketing agencies are experts at optimizing B2B websites through strategic SEO. Ideally, your business will dominate search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive qualified leads to your website, engaging them with your products, services, and brand. Organic and paid search gets leads to your website through SEO.

Miller Brooks can also help you design a website that successfully converts those leads. No matter how niche your business is, we will research, collaborate with you (the experts), and deep-dive into your industry until we know all the details to drive results. Our creative team will take the nuts and bolts of your industry and use them to build engaging, persuasive advertising and marketing content, that can live on your website and social media platforms.

B2B marketing trends

B2B digital marketing agencies keep up with marketing trends to ensure that your business’s marketing strategy is at the top of its game. Using technology to harness the power of data, analytics, and AI is a marketing ability that Miller Brooks uses to learn about your potential customers and target them successfully.

In B2B marketing, there are multiple target audiences within the purchasing journey. Learning about each audience’s specific pains and desired solutions is aided using data, analytics, and AI technologies. Diving into owned data assists in targeting current and prospective customers based on client records. From there, Miller Brooks can help deliver personalized advertising campaigns and marketing content to leverage conversions of prospects to purchasers.

What are Examples of the B2B Marketing Experience?

Maintaining customer relationships leans on continuous application of technology. Applying data gleaned from channels that prospective clients have interacted with can lead to product improvements, for instance. And using AI can help create tailored messaging that both reaches and appeals to qualified customers.

Miller Brooks works in partnership with technology. Digital advertising algorithms help create relevant content quicker, and then AI can help funnel that information to experts in the industry moving toward sales conversions. The best part is that while this part of marketing may seem murky to some, our adept data department makes it look easy.

We use our technology and research skills to identify and gain insights into your business’s target audiences. Next, our creative team designs advertising and marketing content that reflects what your business uniquely provides. Successful B2B digital marketing agencies know that target audiences are real people with real pain points, careers, and lives. B2B marketing may be different—but it shouldn’t be boring. B2B digital marketing agencies are pros at making sure that digital marketing content and ads remain true to a company’s brand, clearly convey messaging, and engage audiences where they live, work, and play.

Your B2B Marketing Agency

B2B digital marketing is complex. But with the right experts supporting your business, you can execute research-based, technology-driven, thoughtfully creative marketing plans and content that will set your business apart from others in your market. Miller Brooks understands the nature of the work you do and is the ideal partner for helping market—and grow—your business.

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