March 7, 2024
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What are Examples of B2B in Marketing?

When it comes to marketing channels, there are a lot from which to choose. Not only can it be overwhelming to decide which marketing channels to invest in, but understanding the differences in what each popular channel offers can be a lot to unpack.

We’re going to look at marketing channels that work well for B2B companies, and help explain why it’s important to understand and utilize B2B marketing channels. For help navigating B2B marketing channels and creating successful advertising and marketing strategies within them, reach out to Miller Brooks for experienced insight and expert partnership in your marketing endeavors.

How Do I Create a B2B Marketing Plan?

Essentially, B2B marketing channels are the ways through which people access, consume, and engage with content related to your brand. While most modern marketing is conducted online, B2B marketing channels still include physical and in-person platforms.

A B2B marketing agency, like Miller Brooks, can help your business research and analyze the search practices of your target audiences, design and execute campaign materials, and even use an omnichannel approach which unifies your customers’ interactions with your brand across multiple channels.

What are Some B2B Marketing Activities?

Print media

Billboards, direct mail, and print ads still pack a marketing punch. Print media is an opportunity to get creative. Miller Brooks employs designers, art directors, and copywriters who excel at developing clever and unique advertising that will help your brand stand out and stay top of mind. Print advertising is also a good way to glean brand awareness by organically introducing people to you, who may not be searching for your business.


It’s all about building a network. B2B industries often include producers/manufacturers and resellers whose decision-makers frequent conferences and trade shows. Miller Brooks knows that the best strategy for B2B marketing is building solid, lasting relationships. Trade shows and similar events are a timeless marketing channel.

Events are also a great way to expose leads to your persuasive advertising and actual products and/or materials. You can also get creative with guerilla marketing. Miller Brooks’ account executives are longtime fans of taking advertising to the streets. Think street art, improv interviews, and excitedly engaging crowds with your brand.

How to Market to B2B Buyers

Building brand awareness and generating leads efficiently and effectively occurs online. With the correct approach, you can drive traffic and convert leads through digital marketing channels.

Miller Brooks’ research, data, and analytics experts can make sense of and build a strategy around the search engine activity for your industry, business, and brand. Defining your target audience, understanding their behavior online, and then targeting your marketing toward them will help convert more qualified leads.

Since search is the most common way for internet users to be made aware of and engage with your brand, running paid ads or pay-per-click (PPC) ads, based on an effective SEO strategy, can help you get the most out of online marketing channels. The goal is to build brand awareness, then engage and convert qualified leads. While that often starts on search engines, let’s further discuss channels where you market directly to your potential customers.


B2B decision-makers are businesspeople. So, that means they spend a lot of time looking at their inboxes and reviewing emails. Strategic, creative email newsletters and campaigns can remind your leads about your business and nudge them to reengage with your brand.

Dont just spam your target audiences though. Skilled B2B marketing experts like the Miller Brooks team can help you create useful, industry-leading content to deliver via email that wont go overlooked. Thought leadership, product campaigns, business updates, and well-crafted newsletters can capture attention in a sea of other notifications.

Content marketing

The umbrella over content marketing is wide. But it covers a lot of important channels. B2B leads need more than an impulse-driving ad to make a business decision and purchase. B2B customers respond to marketing that informs them of the researched, proven benefits of a product and/or service, as well as connects them emotionally and logically to your brand.

B2B marketing agencies can help you develop content that checks all of those boxes. From infographics and explainer videos to case studies and white papers, Miller Brooks is ready to help you navigate a myriad of B2B content marketing channels.

Building Relationships: Your B2B Marketing Agency

In the B2B realm, the best way to convert leads and establish brand loyalists is by cultivating relationships with your customers and consistently providing them with quality products and services. The ways that you advertise and market through various channels each become an opportunity for you to boost and grow your brand.

Miller Brooks knows the importance of building a brand that customers trust and turn to for their industry needs. Connect with us to start navigating marketing channels and building your business.

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