March 7, 2024
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How Do I Find a B2B Marketing Agency for My Business?

Whether you already have a marketing team or you’re completely in the marketing dark, a B2B agency can help you clearly conceptualize and execute your B2B marketing plan. Finding the right B2B marketing agency is an important investment.

It may seem obvious to begin your search for a B2B marketing agency by browsing the web. And that’s a reasonable first step. But before you sit down to start your search, map out a few qualities that you’re hoping to find.

What Should I Look for in a B2B Marketing Agency?

  1. Industry Experience: Check out an agency’s past client work to see how much experience they have with marketing in your industry. On one hand, it can be a great creative edge to partner with an agency who doesn’t have experience working with your exact product and/or service. But it is a great baseline to know that your agency is already familiar—and successful—having worked with businesses like yours.
  2. Know What You’re Looking For: It’s likely that you don’t know every marketing need you have. That’s what an agency is for. However, take time to consider what you do know you’re looking for before beginning your search. Some questions to ask yourself:
    – Do you want to work with digital marketing teams?
    – Do you need brand development?
    – Does your business need web content?
    – What about SEO and lead generation assistance?

    Make a list of your must-haves to help guide your initial search and ensure you find an agency who can meet your essential marketing needs. B2B marketing agencies will post past work on their websites, which gives you a great opportunity to see the type and quality of work they produce before initiating contact.

  3. Refine Your Search: Once you’ve done a preliminary search for agencies that meet your immediate needs, drill deeper to see if they meet your more specific qualifications and desired qualities.

    As a B2B industry professional, Miller Brooks knows how important it is to build positive working relationships. When reviewing B2B agencies, look to see who leads and works within the agency to get a sense of their culture, and determine if they would partner well with your team.

  4. Services Offered: B2B agencies offer a myriad of services. Here at Miller Brooks, some of our expertise includes:
    – Content marketing
    – Digital marketing
    – Case studies
    – Press releases
    – Research and analytics
    – Brand architecture
    – Print ads
    – And more

    However, not all agencies are full-service or have experience developing marketing content in the ways you are seeking. Be sure to evaluate the abilities and track record of an agency to assess if they have the skill set you’re looking for.

  5. Consider Their Connections: Most agencies have in-house experts to execute various advertising and marketing tactics, but many also use their professional contacts to execute certain tactics. Video and print production for instance, may be outsourced by a B2B marketing agency.

    Don’t be afraid to ask an agency about their network. An established B2B agency will already have working connections to tackle any task you decide to take on with them. In other words, even if you don’t see a specific ability listed on a B2B agency’s website, you can ask them up front how equipped they are to offer a service.

  6. Do You Like What You See? A good insight into whether you like the kind of work a B2B agency provides is to consider how attracted you are to the way they market themselves. A B2B marketing agency is, after all, a B2B company itself.


How do you know if a marketing agency is good? Is their website compelling? Do they successfully market their own work online? Do you want to work with them? If you like what you see from first glance, they may just be a perfect fit for your business. Explore Miller Brooks’ website for an example of how we show off our skill set and share our voice online.

How Do You Connect to a B2B Marketing Agency?

Once you’ve combed through agencies who fall under the umbrella of what kind of B2B marketing agency you think you’d like to work with, reach out. You can schedule time to meet their team and get face time with the folks whom you’d be working alongside. At the end of the day, nothing beats connection.

Then, you’re ready to choose the B2B marketing agency that fits best with your business and people. Still have questions? Miller Brooks is ready to connect and guide you through each step of the process—and that may be the final sign that you’ve found the right fit.

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