March 7, 2024
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Does Digital Marketing Work for B2B?

Is digital marketing good for B2B? Absolutely! Any online marketing and advertising developed to promote your business is applicable to both B2B and digital marketing. It’s a natural pair. Since B2B industries require extensive knowledge and manipulation of multiple marketing channels, digital marketing is the modern solution.

Digital marketing starts with savvy technology application. Research, data, and analytics—for instance—are critical services offered by B2B digital marketing agencies. Knowing how to use that information is the next step. Miller Brooks’ digital marketing experts use data and analytics to help your business better understand and reach target audiences and connect your marketing goals with sales results.

Effective application of digital marketing data will drive more traffic to your company website, boost lead generation, and improve SEO and visibility. B2B digital marketing agencies offer services such as website design and maintenance, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and paid search ad plans.

Miller Brooks’ team excels at understanding digital marketing channels, developing digital marketing strategies, and executing services to develop and/or improve your business’s online presence and digital marketing.

What Should a B2B Marketing Strategy Include?

SEO, organic and paid

Your target audience is online. So, boosting your brand’s SEO is a top digital marketing priority. Organic keywords are words people search that may generate results for your business’s links—all for free. Enough organic keyword clicks can even help your business’s links gain ranking on search engines. Paid search and PPC jump your business to the front of the line by getting well-researched keywords and target audience pains to result in your business being at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Professional website

Your company’s website should be your hardest-working marketing tool. A strong website that is appealing and easy-to-use makes a positive first—and lasting—impression on visitors and potential customers.

Miller Brooks can help you create a well-designed, memorable, and user-friendly website that is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. Allowing searchers to successfully engage with your website, however they may be searching, increases search engine rankings and conversion rates.

Social media

Digital marketing increasingly turns to social media to generate leads and reach target audiences. Miller Brooks offers services that help clients allocate marketing budgets to social media platforms with the highest, relevant usage, as well as create marketing and advertising content to post on social media.

Content marketing

Digital marketing content includes a variety of assets such as articles, blog posts, infographics, white papers, e-books, videos, and case studies. Miller Brooks will learn the details of your industry and business to help you create and archive digital content. Content creation comes in many forms and requires extensive knowledge of digital marketing channels. Taking your valuable assets, such as testimonials and case studies, and housing them on your website or social media is a great way to share positive responses and reviews of your products and/or services.

Creating evocative and informative infographics and writing knowledgeable and persuasive articles are also services Miller Brooks will offer your business. Partnering with a B2B digital marketing agency helps you successfully navigate marketing channels and reach your target audiences.

Email marketing

Tried and true, email marketing is an effective method to reach and convert leads. Miller Brooks can help craft informed copy, design email graphics and templates that stand out to viewers and build brand awareness with recipients.

How Else Can Digital Marketing Help B2B?

Media, research, data, analytics, AI, ChatGPT… digital marketing is full of technologically-dense operations. Behind successful account management and smart creative are the nuts and bolts of digital marketing that connect—and help comprehend—digital marketing channels. B2B digital marketing agencies employ tech and research experts and subscribe to advanced marketing software tools that work to evaluate, understand, and reach your industry’s market and your business’s target audiences.

AI, and its subpart ChatGPT, works to automate language that includes industry keywords and will ultimately help reach target audiences and work well within various marketing channels. ChatGPT, a growing digital marketing tool, stores encyclopedic knowledge obtained from books, websites, blog posts, etc. Then it generates communication for emails, recommendations, translations, and digital marketing content based on its internal “library.”

Regarding digital marketing content specifically, a B2B digital marketing agency can use ChatGPT (or its generative pre-trained transformer tool) to get quick responses to research questions about your industry, write copy, generate customer surveys, and help ideate. While AI isn’t the brains behind a B2B digital marketing agency, it is a new partner than can help boost the efficiency and breadth of marketing content. 

Your B2B Marketing Agency

Miller Brooks knows the ins and outs of both B2B and digital marketing. We’re a strategic partner prepared to help you establish, grow, or even rebrand your business through digital marketing channels and tactics. Contact us today to start your B2B digital marketing journey.

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