If you’ve earned the title Art Director by actually directing art, and you’ve got a diverse digital portfolio of ads and campaigns you’re proud of, let’s talk. We’re dead set on landing a bold thinker, meticulous craftsperson and helpful delegator of distinctive work. In short, you’ll be doing what you were born to: conceiving the creative vision, getting obsessive about it, but then confidently trusting its full realization to others as you guide designers, production artists and vendors in bringing it to client-pleasing, award-hauling fruition.

Role Requirements:
  • At least 4 to 6 years of agency experience
  • Bring fresh creative thinking to B2B, B2C and beyond
  • Collaborating with writers, designers and others on the team
  • Directing photo, video and digital productions
  • Managing timelines, budgets and vendors
  • Ability to present work internally as well as to clients
  • Lurk over shoulders with a mentoring POV
  • Take the work seriously, but not yourself

Miller Brooks seeks an up-and-coming Public Relations phenom to become part of our crew. Specifically, we’ll define that as follows: You’ve got one to three years of experience to draw from. You’re curiously inclined to digging in. And your writing abilities stand out. Plus, you’ve got an innate ability to juggle multiple tasks while thriving in a fast-paced environment.

Role Requirements:
  • Possess a degree in PR or Journalism
  • Be skillful in both traditional and social media relations
  • Speak to a proven track record
  • Tell us exactly why this sounds like you

We admire the bold and the brave. The types who brandish an X-ACTO knife with gusto. Who can string syllables into soliloquies and leverage alliteration to proffer productive placement for client consumables. Those who kern, lead and track to perfection. Or herd videographers and photographers and production artists. Are we describing you? Then send us your best, your most exhilarating work, with a cover letter and resume. We’re listening.

Role Requirements:
  • Must be naturally restless
  • Low levels of fear. High tolerance for risk.
  • Compelled to act on curiosity
  • Be able to work independently, but collaboratively
  • Ability to navigate naysayers
  • Display a work ethic never before seen