Miller Brooks has an immediate opening for a traffic manager. This key position on the crew is at the very hub of creative work moving through our shop. You’re a prime candidate if you’ve done traffic management for an agency like ours, or you boast strong project management experience. You’ll be the bridge between creative and account service teams, unflappably ensuring that projects flow as scheduled to accomplish our most important objective—doing stellar work for our customers.

Role Requirements:
  • Traffic or project management chops
  • Good-natured rigidity
  • Skilled use of our traffic management software
  • Setting timelines and distributing jobs
  • Hosting weekly traffic meetings
  • Juggling

If you’ve earned the title Art Director by actually directing art, and you’ve got a diverse body of ads and campaigns you’re proud of, let’s talk. We’re dead set on landing a bold thinker, scrupulous craftsperson and friendly delegator of distinctive work. In short, you’ll be doing what you were born to: conceiving the creative vision, getting possessive about it, but then confidently trusting it to others as you guide designers, production artists and vendors of all kinds in bringing it to award-hauling fruition.

Role Requirements:
  • At least 3 to 5 years of agency experience
  • Versatility to think B2B, B2C and beyond
  • Teaming with writers and others in the crew
  • Directing photo, video and digital productions
  • Managing timelines, budgets and vendors
  • Lurking unobtrusively over shoulders

Miller Brooks is on a search for a writing talent to plus our ranks. At the moment, that means you’ve got 3 to 5 years of ad agency experience already working for you, and you want to broaden your creative horizons. You’ll also need to possess versatile skills in using words well (in short form, long form and across all types of media, industries and audiences). We’re particularly drawn to hard-hitting idea people who remain at all times good-natured team players. That you? Let’s talk.

Role Requirements:
  • Concepting alone and collaboratively
  • Composing everything from Tweets to treatises
  • Respectable strategic chops in B2B and B2C
  • A penchant for reading, research and finding gold
  • Presenting internally and in front of clients
  • Gumption

We’re looking for someone digitally-centric, but not a mere code savant, pixel pusher or design prima donna. We want a chameleon who comes loaded with technical skills in the digital space while knowing the way around a design file. Ideally, you can think creatively and act strategically, all while handling tasks in both the shadows and the limelight. Is this you? Then plus our ranks and reach out to us.

Role Requirements:
  • Fluency in jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP and HTML5
  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience building websites, banners, email, etc., across all browsers and platforms
  • Appreciation of user experience, linked to back-end understanding in making it successful
  • Skill in translating nebulous creative visions into good-looking things that work
  • 3 to 5 years of similar career pursuits under your belt

Do you know the Creative Suite better than you know the back of your hand? Do you dream in moodboards? Are you interested in gaining valuable, real-world agency experience, working on big and upcoming brands alongside a bevy of veteran advertising talents? Well then, cadet, send us a PDF or link to your portfolio—your absolute best work. If we like what we see, we’ll put you to work (and we’ll pay you to boot).

Role Requirements:
  • Fluency in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Knowledge of after effects
  • Translating creative visions into working products
  • Comfortable sketching ideas and presenting work

Are you daring? We admire the bold and the brave. The types who brandish an X-ACTO knife with gusto. Who can string syllables into soliloquies and leverage alliteration to proffer productive placement for client consumables. Those who kern, lead and track to perfection. Or herd videographers and photographers and production artists. Are we describing you? Then send us your best, your most exhilarating work, with a cover letter and resume. We’re listening.

Role Requirements:
  • Must be naturally restless
  • Low levels of fear. High tolerance for risk.
  • Compelled to act on curiosity
  • Be able to work independently, but collaboratively
  • Ability to navigate naysayers
  • Display a work ethic never before seen