The challenge. ClarkDietrich is an innovator that pushes the construction industry forward. With literally thousands of products in their portfolio, plus tools and support, their story needed telling in a compelling, forward-thinking way.

The answer. Tiny hassles are a universal truth. In the construction industry, these little hassles can snowball. Over time, something miniscule builds into something that sucks time, costs profitability and endangers installation. We identified those hassles, and illustrated how monstrous they were. ClarkDietrich offers solutions that help contractors handle—and eliminate—The Hassles. The high-impact visuals lent themselves well to social media, so our PR team leveraged Twitter and Instagram in a strategy that increased the impact of the campaign. The overall approach was a gutsy one that pushed the creative envelope, but also stayed true to the CD brand: always the innovators, finding new ways to solve problems.