Meet our living, breathing idea-makers.

Barbie Wentworth Aaron Whitaker Amy Stevens Angie Dye Ashley Murray Brice Holland Cari Weis Cheryl Meininger Christian Mehall Eric Milkereit Erin Haskett Jason Hathaway Joanne Johnson Joe Black Karent Grant Kelly Wiltfong Kurt Ashburn Laurie Durham Libby Boulais Mark Willis Matt Dennis Melanie Stallings Melissa Miles Michael Clark Nancy Carroll Rosie OHara Ryan Heath Sarah Frantsi Sarah Notestine Stacy DiBetta Sue Doron Uriaha Foust Thurman Pursley Vicki Thompson

Ready to be bored by our bios? You’re only partially in luck. While we do feel obliged to deliver the pertinent details, the accolades are succinct. In short, check out the wonderful diversity of our eclectic, experienced and passionate team.

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Barbie Wentworth

Barbie Wentworth, president and CEO

Barbie is involved in many aspects of the business at MB, including strategic account planning and management, research, creative and client relations. She learned and honed her philosophy of giving a client “what is best for its business” during her tenure at Leo Burnett, Chicago, where she was VP, account director on the Kellogg’s account. From Rice Krispies to Eggo waffles, Barbie was responsible for every Kellogg’s brand at one point or another during her 10 years at Leo.

Barbie then headed west to Los Angeles, and was president and COO at Duncan & Associates. Duncan focuses on retail, with clients such as Albertsons, Jewel, Osco, Sav-on, Acme and several others. It wouldn’t be much of a reach to say that Barbie spent 11 years in store aisles. In fact, Barbie was an integral part of the successful “Patricia Heaton” campaign that won numerous awards, including a Mobius.

Retail has been a focus on the client side, as well. Barbie started her career as a brand manager at Hallmark Cards, Inc. In Specialty Products development, Barbie was responsible for stickers, miniatures, jewelry, stuffed animals and games. Creating the “Rodney Reindeer” family, that represented the biggest selling Christmas item, was a favorite.

Barbie is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Journalism, with a minor in marketing. Barbie is a self-described “foodie,” and loves to try new recipes and obscure wines. She also loves sports. Being a Hoosier native, her true love is basketball; but being married to a college football coach and having a son that plays football, Barbie has embraced the gridiron. What Barbie enjoys most is thinking of an idea that will solve someone’s—particularly a client’s—problem.

Aaron Whitaker

Aaron Whitaker, senior copywriter

Aaron adds over a decade’s worth of advertising chops to our crew, plus a unique south-of-the-border take on things. Not that hailing from Kentucky alone deserves mention, but work on Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Special Olympics Kentucky and Shoney’s Restaurants does. Along with experience in banking, tourism, building products and an alpaca fighting ring he claims to have run as a youth, he’s a solid, creative soul our clients count on.

Amy Stevens

Amy Stevens, PR account executive

We could all use a little pet therapy. That’s why Amy and her dog are part of the “Love on a Leash” program, visiting local nursing-home residents whenever they can. Amy brings that kindness to work as well, along with her valuable professional experience in writing, production, journalism and community development.

Angie Dye

Angie Dye, senior PR account supervisor

Having served leading roles in marketing and PR with a local water company, the Indiana Department of Commerce and the City of Indianapolis, Angie’s spent 10 years relating personally to the public. But given the well-balanced professional she is, Angie also seeks out the intense privacy of a good book or a long hike in the great outdoors.

Ashley Murray

Ashley Murray, PR account executive

A literal translation of Ashley’s maiden name yields “Village of Cheese.” But more to the point, a literal translation of Ashley’s bio yields this: Indiana University grad with bachelor’s degree in journalism; sports lover; animal lover; maker of handmade cards. Also of interest, Ashley started here as an intern, and it was her go-getter attitude that landed her a full-time gig.

Brice Holland

Brice Holland, creative director

Having a kid who has a garage band isn’t a requirement of working at Miller Brooks, but we think it’s pretty cool. In addition to being cool, Brice brings more than 17 years of advertising experience, including his first stint at Miller Brooks. We’re happy to have him back for his second.

Cari Weis

Cari Weis, art director

Cari’s free-spiritedness once led her to Maui where she lived on the beach (literally) selling handmade sea shell jewelry. A bit later it led her here as an intern and then away to have baby number two. Now she’s back as a full-time creative who calls both on a degree in graphic design and her colorful life experience to produce vibrant work for our brands.

Cheryl Meininger

Cheryl Meininger, creative director

Know any creative directors who have sailed the high seas with a ship full of pirates while shooting a TV spot for Sunny D? Presenting our very own Cheryl Meininger, matey. For 20-plus years, she’s wielded her creative sword, leading teams on brands like ConAgra Foods, Domino’s Pizza and Kellogg’s. And, just to be sure, adventure follows Cheryl outside the job—whether reading, traveling, or taking in a good karate or sci-fi flick.

Christian Mehall

Christian Mehall, account executive

Christian is afflicted with a malady that leads him to believe he’s rather normal, even uninteresting. It’s patent baloney, of course. No one with more than nine years in marketing and advertising is without a good story—or three. Beside, he’s played integral account service roles for multiple big brands, including McDonald’s, Peerless Faucet, H.H. Gregg and more. See, fascinating, right?

Eric Milkereit

Eric Milkereit, account executive

If we had to use the word “acuity” in a sentence, we’d say, “Eric has an acuity for account management.” Indeed, he tried on lots of hats in his early ad career and found his multitasker’s personality best suited to his current role. He’s been perfecting that role in Chicago and Indy for more than 10 years now, while also finding ample time for travel and the theater.

Erin Haskett

Erin Haskett, account director

Before joining Miller Brooks in 2002, Erin happened to be our client.

This dual perspective comes in handy today as she deals heavily in both brand strategies, industry expertise and day-to-day account needs. Her background spans from start-up brand launch strategy to re-positioning of 100 year old brands. And with a keen focus on impactful metrics, her greatest pleasure comes from results-driven marketing plans.

Erin is a graduate of the Ball State University College of Business with a major in marketing. She currently serves on the Susan G. Komen Grant Committee for the Central Indiana affiliate as well as chairperson of Miller Brooks’ own Cook for the Cure annual fundraiser event that takes place each October.

And the men in her life, keep her on her toes. When Erin isn’t working, she loves to spend time with her husband, Jamie, and two active sons, J.D. and Will.

Jason Hathaway

Jason Hathaway, Technical Writer

Jason’s specialty is his voice. You can always hear it, even if you’re just reading his work. In 2006, Jason joined us with journalistic chops well-honed by four years of newspaper reporting. While giving the facts their rightful due, he’s always looking to draw his readers in by crafting his stories. And, he might provide a little guitar accompaniment if you ask.

Joanne Johnson

Joanne Johnson, designer

Oil is her preferred medium, the sun her ideal light source, and she sees all of her artistic work—inside the world of marketing and out—through a painter’s eyes. Throughout her 30 years in advertising (10-plus with us), Joanne’s become a master of helping her co-creatives pay attention to the small details. And, of keeping the big brands beautiful.

Joe Black

Joe Black, senior art director

With a bachelor’s of fine arts in design from Indiana University, a stint in prepress management and ample agency experience, Joe bolsters our team with plenty of production insight and creative energy. He’s also a culinary daredevil of sorts, having proudly completed a ballpark ritual known as “eating around the cycle” (finishing every sausage item sold) twice at Wrigley Field—and during the same game.

Karen Grant

Karen Grant, operations director

She’s a self-described shy person. But the way Karen tackles challenges, we’d say otherwise. Having worked in the ad world for 20-plus years, Karen’s tackled nearly all aspects of the business. In fact, she’s always ready to lend a hand or swing a hammer. That is, her idea of vacation is spending a week every year as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer.

Kelly Wiltfong

Kelly Wiltfong, media planner/buyer

Kelly is highly involved in volunteering for organizations close to her heart, like Big Brothers/Big Sisters. And “big” is a good word to describe Kelly’s media buying and planning experience from her stints in Chicago, Georgia and back home in Indiana, where she applies it to our appreciative clients.

Kurt Ashburn

Kurt Ashburn, account director

There’s a recurring thread in Kurt’s storied 23-years-and-counting career: costumes. Santa. The Easter Bunny. Dinosaurs. Suffice it to say Kurt brings a step-in-to-fill-any-need moxie to Miller Brooks. He also supplies invaluable “know how” from his work on brands as diverse as Brizo faucets, Goodwill, Steak ‘n Shake, McDonald’s, Monsoon Audio Systems and

Laurie Durham

Laurie Durham, imaging specialist

With 24 years of experience, Laurie truly knows her stuff. In fact, she was using Photoshop way before people started using it as a common verb. As “in demand” as she stays around here, being a mom, gardener and volunteer for charities far and wide adds yet another dimension to Laurie, our resident print, photography and imaging wiz.

Libby Boulais

Libby Boulais, account executive

The account executive role combines all the finer points of marketing: sales, production, project management, consulting and grief counseling for creatives. That said, there’s none sharper than Libby. With 20 years experience all around this industry, she’s in high demand here and at home (where she’s mom to three bright kids and an ill-behaved beagle.)

Mark Willis

Mark Willis, senior copywriter

Fun facts about Mark are hard to find. In fact, he’s patently boring (and this bio was saved from being a real snore-fest only by our immensely talented writing staff). It’s our firm belief Mark has sustained a strong 12-year ad career by steadily depriving himself the personal indulgences of humor, creativity and eloquence. Instead, it all pours out in his work.

Matt Dennis

Matt Dennis, senior digital developer

This is the magical story of a starry-eyed dreamer who got carried by the dotcom revolution and never looked back. In this day and age, MattÂ’’s as indispensable as they come. His technical skills in all things E provide a critical link between creative ideas and digital execution. The fact he can also build a mahogany side table only makes him more enigmatic.

Melanie Stallings

Melanie Stallings, finance director

Bit of a menacing title, controller. But fortunately, Melanie’s door, mind and ears are always open. Based on years of accounting experience, she gladly helps everyone handle copious financial, insurance and human relations needs. In fact, can you do us a favor? Call her up right now and say, “Melanie, you are creative! You ARE. And Miller Brooks loves you.”

Melissa Miles

Melissa Miles, receptionist

If you ask her, there’s not a great deal of difference between welcoming a few guests in our foyer or several hundreds to a live show. Melissa’s spent most of her professional career performing on one kind of stage or another. And, whether you catch her here at Miller Brooks or singing with her jazz band, expect a smile, sunny disposition and lots of style.

Michael Clark

Michael Clark, PR account executive

As an intern, Michael managed various assignments from inception to delivery. Today, he manages various assignments from inception to delivery—and actually gets paid for it. With a PR degree, experience in events and promotions and an appetite for books, he’s a departmental mainstay, nay a role model for hopeful PR pros everywhere.

Nancy Carroll

Nancy Carroll, account manager

Big, active brands like Whirlpool Corporation and Maytag Commercial Laundry simply require the attention of someone like Nancy Carroll. That is, someone with 20 years of experience who can ski, ride a three-wheel, human-powered cambering vehicle called a Trikke and keep an eye on the overall brand picture, while not losing track of a single detail.

Rosie OHara

Rosie O’Hara, managing director/PR director

Rosie’s the gregarious sort who’s wisely surrounded herself by what she loves: books, antiques, birding gear, coffee cups, family, friends—plus one effective PR team. Rosie’s team truly respects her 20-plus years of strategic and event planning, media relations, internal communications and project management experience. And, so do our trusted clients.

Ryan Heath

Ryan Heath, PR account executive

Ghost hunter interviewer. Once-yearly IU marching band member. New-ish dad. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you PR pro Ryan Heath. After earning a bachelor’s in journalism, Ryan has applied his reporting, writing and communications acumen to transportation, public policy, healthcare, building materials and more. But seriously, ask him about the ghost hunters.

Sarah Frantsi

Sarah Frantsi, PR account coordinator

Sarah bounces back and forth from using her background in journalism during the day at Miller Brooks to teaching pre-algebra in the evening. She’s obviously adept at using both sides of the brain, which makes her a great asset on our PR team. She started here as an intern, and we liked her so much we brought her on full time.

Sarah Notestine

Sarah Notestine, account executive

We could say we hired Sarah as a ringer for the Miller Brooks volleyball team. But that wouldn’t be entirely true. There’s also the solid account experience she brings from her work on consumer care brands in Chicago and her television experience with the Fox Sports Network and WFYI.

Stacy DiBetta

Stacy DiBetta, proofreader

Diversity of experience invariably adds interest to creative ideas. In Stacy’s case, she’s been a typesetter, designer, production manager, account leader, editor and writer. Plus, she’s a mom, Master of Library Science and would-be farm-dweller to boot. It all sums up to more than 20 years of marketing skills. And, a person who brings life to any brand.

Sue Doron

Sue Doron, media director

Sue has a bachelor’s of art in communications from Purdue. Plus a degree from Hamburger U. Let’s just say this tenured pro really gets to know her clients, even if it means learning the finer points of pickle placement. Sue has nearly 30 years of strategic media management, planning and buying insights, with experience in everything from packaged goods, to politics, to (you guessed it) restaurants.

Thurman Pursley

Thurman Pursley, production artist

There’s a little Thurman in everyman, as we like to say. He’s a sucker for celebrity gossip. Loves popsicles. And gets a little misty whenever a big choir does the backing vocals on a rap song. But don’t let the personal stuff distract you from the truth. With a B.F.A. in Visual Communication from Ball State University, Thurman daily proves he’s got the goods to go to serious work on Festool, Beckman Coulter and whatever hits his desk.

Uriaha Foust

Uriaha Foust, associate creative director

He used to be in shape. He used to go to concerts. He did stuff. These aren’t so much the laments of youth lost, mind you, but acknowledgement that for the last decade and more, Uriaha’s channeled much of his energies elsewhere. Namely, to earning recognition for memorable creative work on behalf of brands like Goodwill, Steak ‘n Shake and Brizo faucets. We’re grateful for the talent (and well-stocked under-desk fridge) he brings our way.

Vicki Thompson

Vicki Thompson, office manager

Vicki can get it. Did you ask Vicki? I bet Vicki knows. Vicki! Around here, there’s one name to call to get just about anything done. As a marketing grad of Indiana University, former telecom company project manager, current piano teacher and mom, Vicki knows what it takes to keep our busy creative atmosphere running and focused on clients.