Digital Expeditionist Who Defies Categorization

Miller Brooks seeks a multidimensional, digitally centric talent/ shapeshifter/fellow journeyman (or journeywoman) to plus our ranks and elevate our ideas. You should love the digital space, possess no shortage of related technical skills and want to put yourself to work in an ad agency environment.

We aren’t looking for a mere code savant, pixel pusher or design prima donna. We thrive when all on our crew thinks creatively, acts strategically and tackles tasks in both the shadows and limelight with a sure hand and a good nature. Now to some specific asks:

  • Fluency in jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP and HTML5
  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience building websites, banners, email, etc., across all browsers and platforms
  • Appreciation of user experience, linked to back-end understanding in making it successful
  • Skill in translating nebulous creative visions into good-looking things that work
  • 3 to 5 years of similar career pursuits under your belt

Okay. Front-end developer is the closest to an exact job title if we had to go pick one. But know the role will entail more, and even invite you to develop your own niche.

Game? Please send your particulars to

Forge ahead.

We admire the daring. Current openings or no, get our attention. Submit a tight cover note, resume, and for creatives, samples of your boldest work.